Kate Rowekamp
Researcher's Notes 2014

Three years ago, during my research in the field, I stumbled upon a hitherto unidentified group of creatures. I have dedicated the last three years of my life to extensively observing and collecting information about these creatures, yet still have not unlocked all of their secrets.

It has been classified the Lepidopter Sapien due to its apparent hybridization of both man and insect. Starting out with what appears to be a human child’s body wrapped in the immature larval form of a Monarch Butterfly, the creature grows to take on what resembles a mature human form with the same caterpillar-like skin and a large insectian head (Catter Sapien). From there the creature’s skin hardens to form a chrysalis (Chrysa Sapien). The Chrysalis form stands dormant for a duration, and then from within emerges what appears to be a cross between a human and butterfly (Butter Sapien.) As if it wasn’t enough to be the discover of an entirely new species, I have also witnessed a divergent pattern of development – a new sequence which has taken form within the last few months. For three years I have observed these creatures hatching, growing, metamorphosing, laying eggs, and then dying. Multiple times over the cycle has repeated itself – until now.

A new clutch of Catter Sapiens has yet to metamorphose! It appears that they were somehow resistant to the hypnosis ceremony that accompanies the transformation into Chrysa Sapiens. They have begun to create symbols, methods of pictorial communication, and appear to be developing unique identities. Somehow in their failure to launch, they have pioneered an entirely new pattern of development within their species. What will come of this?