Kate Rowekamp is a printmaker, illustrator, and animator from Covington, Kentucky.  Her work fuses zoology and personal perceptions with developmental psychology to generate imaginary creatures.  These curious monsters are designed to metaphorically signify resistance toward life changes, primarily the responsibilities that accompany aging. Each creature features either adaptions to help it deal with its difficult surroundings or represents a troublesome roadblock the other beasts may encounter. Rowekamp's artwork is strongly influenced by pop culture imagery and themes found in cartoons, graphic novels, horror films, video and tabletop games. 

Rowekamp earned her MFA in 2-Dimensional studio with a concentration in printmaking from Miami University in 2015.   As an undergraduate she attended Thomas More College where she earned her BA in studio art and an AA in Art History in 2012.  Rowekamp currently lives in Hamilton, Ohio with her husband and two cats, Buckaroo Banzai and Kyouko.